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InstructionsRemember to read over the game’s instructions, reached from the main menu. It’s the button on the bottom left called “i".

Does fruit hitting the ground have any ill effects?

No. Fruits will continue to fall and your score will be the same regardless of how many fruits you let pass. You can take as long as you want to complete a level, though this would be bad for your score.

What determines my score?

A few things.

  • The best one is the time it takes to complete the level – the faster the better.
  • If you finish a level using only high level fruit. That is, watermelons, pears and grapes ONLY
  • How many fruits to avoid you tapped – the fewer the better.

Do you have any tips on how to play better?

Sure do!

  • Be selective about which fruits you collect. Watermelons, pears and grapes are the best ones to focus on.
  • Fruits will steadily be worth less and less as the game progresses, even leading some lesser fruits into negative numbers. Bananas become worthless by level eight and become a detriment after that. Cherries follow suit by level 16.
  • Spend reward points! Check the Rewards Section and Golden EggplantTrophies to see how many points you have.
  • Keep an eye out for the GOLDEN EGGPLANT! It’s so legendary that even the game’s programmers don’t know what it does! Whatever it is though, it’s sure to be helpful.

But <insert fruit here> isn’t really a fruit!!!

Yes it is!

You guys are so awesome! Why doesn’t everyone know about your game?

A. Thank-you! We appreciate your feedback! Spread the word about Fruit Drop and pretty soon everyone will!

I have feedback for your game. Where can I send it?

All feedback is welcome. You can send it to

Can you make a game about <insert game idea here>?

No thanks. We’re good on ideas.

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